About Hynam Tours

about hynam tours david nguyenHynam Tours is one of the leading unique local tours, founded in 2012 by David Nguyen.

As a travel enthusiast, David Nguyen has been working for years as a freelance tour guide and has amazing experience in tourism.

Hynam Tours can offer you eco-friendly, educational and private custom tours in remarkable areas of Vietnam.

At Hynam Tours, we are proud of our brand and services – which we promote with passion – in order to create a trip of a lifetime to Vietnam for our clients. We aspire to maintain the highest standards of travelling, to gain the respect and trust of our guests, and continue to be leading local tours team.

Hynam Tours will grant you a personalized experience like no other. Thanks to our talented and very informative local teams, we offer you tours that are flexible, well organized and good value. Our certified tour guides will assure you to have the highest level of safety, thanks to their connections across all levels of Vietnamese society.

Our main aim is to give you a trip of a lifetime to Vietnam, to create something extraordinary and distinguishing, but also to promote the authentic values of travelling.

Our core values

We’re committed to be the best in what we do and our client care is at the heart of what we do. As a first class professional team we want to give you authentic travel experience through a thoughtful, educational and personalized interaction with every guest, so they can be comfortable in the knowledge that our values are deeply rooted in our service.

Private and Custom 

You can book a private tour for your family, partner and friends or only for yourself; we’re granting you personalized trip created according to your wishes; whether you want to eat in authentic Vietnamese restaurant or to visit Museums, or if you feel like stopping for some great photo opportunities. All of our tours are well organized; we’re giving you good insight of the history and much more.

Responsible travel policies

We can ensure you that all of our tours are environmentally responsible, you will experience eco-friendly tour like no other. We are keen to hire local staff, use and support small and independent businesses and promote local communities in order to remain true to our sustainable tourism policies. We want to allow our guests to experience the authentic way of life in Vietnam and to share with them the economic benefits that tourism provides to local communities.

Local Living Experiences

The best way to learn about Vietnamese culture and to experience the local way of living is to entrust our tour guides, we’ll surprise you with some of the most interesting places. You can discover Vietnamese life as it’s lived every day by visiting local spots, streets, villages, restaurants and markets. You can try some of the local food, relax in peaceful areas or go to shopping and learn the art of bargain with local people. You are guaranteed to have an enriched experience as a result!

Our team’s qualities

If you really want to see the best of Vietnam, only an experienced and confident tour guide team can help you discover its beauty, with unique and professional approach. Our teams are exactly what you need, with our amazing knowledge of Vietnam’s history and tradition and impeccable English skills. We’ll make sure to fulfill all your requirements.

Affordable rate

We’re giving you high quality services at affordable price. Our tours are priced for the budget conscious but offering wonderful experiences and a lifetime adventure.

True love 

When we make the first contact with you, we begin to create tours with passion and love. You give us your trust and we give you the best experiences and breathtaking moments. We love to connect with our clients, our partners, locals and so on. If you travel with us, you become part of our Hynam family. Therefore we invite you to be our guests.

Let’s travel with Hynam Tours to be true and smart travelers to explore this amazing country like a local.