Hanoi Westlake Walking Tour – 6 hours

Tour Information

  • Tour location: Hanoi West Lake
  • Departure: 8:00 am
  • Tour Duration: 6 hours
  • Tour Runs: Minimum 2 persons. Maximum on request
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Enjoy and experience local life around Hanoi by joining Hanoi Westlake walking tour that would take you along the beaten path that offers the best sights around the biggest fresh water lake in Hanoi. Start your adventure by getting into a taxi and getting delivered to the Yen Phu Street. Next, wander around on foot and get up close and personal to some of the most popular local sites like: the street of Xuan Dieu, Phu Tay Ho (temple of Tay Ho Palace) and Tao Sach Pagoda. Make the most of your walking journey by getting a drink (local beer, local coffee or sugar cane juices called Nuoc Mia) in any café or bar that you see along the way. To add some spice to your journey, you should also stop and see what’s happening at the local market and check out Pho Cuon, the restaurant famous for serving delicious light snacks. With the Hanoi Westlake walking tour, you will not only see and experience real local Hanoi life, you will also get to learn more about the city’s history and rich culture, as well as its modern charm.


Getting into a taxi to take you to Yen Phu street in the morning is the best way to begin your Hanoi West Lake walking tour adventure. From there, you can explore Xuan Diue, the street that is most popular to Hanoi expats. Walk along to the next stop, which is the temple of the Tay Ho Palace (also known as Phu Tay Ho); a structure dedicated to Jade Emperor and Mother Goddesses.
Wandering along on foot, you should stop and check out a local stand to enjoy a refreshing drink as you get to savor the great sceneries of the lake.
Setting off to the popular Buddhist temple of Tao Sach is the next thing to do. Here, you get to know more about Vietnamese Buddhism and its rich history. For a closer look and more personal encounter with the local Hanoian culture, you should also walk to the Chau Long Market. Lastly, walk along the quiet back road and finish up your Hanoi Westlake Walking Tour adventure with a visit and a quick snack at the Pho Cuon Restaurant.

Important Reminders:

• The walking distance for this tour is 18 kilometers, which equates to five hours of walking
• The Hanoi Westlake Walking Tour is ideal for travellers who are physically fit and avid walkers
• It is important to bring an umbrella or wear a hat as preparations for either rain or the heat during the summer months
• It is also recommended to drink plenty of water in case you choose to take this tour during summer
• Wearing proper attire is required (no shorts or sleeveless shirts) when visiting sacred places like pagodas and temples
• Take note that locals crowd the Tay Ho temple during the first and the 15th days of the lunar month
The starting point of the tour is at the Yen Phu Street, which is close to the Pan Pacific hotel in Tay Ho district. The finishing point is at the Chau Long market.
The tour starts at 8 o’clock in the morning and ends at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.
This tour requires a minimum of two participants with a maximum of eight.

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