Nam Dinh Countryside tour 2 days 1 night

ramsar at xuan thuy national park

Overview of Nam Dinh countryside tour

Taking Nam Dinh countryside tour in Nam Dinh which sets in the center of what is called Red River Delta of North Vietnam, is part of a very large area famous for being the “cradle” of the Vietnamese Nation. It is also considered the second capital after Hanoi, which was constructed during the 13th century and is rich in both history and landscape. The Red River Delta is very populated with more than 19 million residents in eight provinces covering 15,000 square KM and includes the Capital of Hanoi.

Nam Dinh is proud of its modern and sophisticated local foods and community. This iconic cultural treasure is derived from the lives of its residents and was developed from various activities such as folk songs, writing, water puppetry, and song festivals. Vicente Liem de la Paz was a Vietnamese Saint who was canonized (June 19, 1988) by Pope John Paul II, and the religious history of Nam Dinh remains strong to this day as evidenced by the many visitors to the ancient Ninh Cuong church.

Nam Dinh is also widely famous for eco-tourism with the Xuan Thuy national park where tourists can observe many kinds of birds migrating from the North every year from November through April. The entire Red River Delta was designated as the Red River Delta Biosphere Reserve in 2004 as part of UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Program. This program establishes sites the world over which speaks to environmental, social, political and sustainable changes.



  • A relaxing drive through the beautiful picturesque countryside
  • Experience both beautiful Bonsai trees and upscale nightlife
  • Learn more about local rice growers, a tradition of more than six centuries
  • Tour Xuan Thuy national park, a historic gathering place of 10 thousand of birds
  • Visit the first place religion stepped into Vietnam, the breathtaking Ninh Cuong church
  • See first hand the beautiful river delta natural wildlife and culture of North Vietnam
  • Savour genuine local foods, with hundreds of choices of local restaurants
  • See the ancient architectural styles of King’s Hung dynasty, Nguyen dynasty, and Le Dynasty
  • Experience firsthand the life of residents, whose daily work represents centuries old history


Day 1: Hanoi – Bonsai village – Boat trip in Xuan Thuy national park

07:30 – Guide will pick up your party at the hotel.

10:00- After arriving in Nam Dinh city, our journey will start at the Vi Khe village which is well known as the most beautiful of these types of villages in all of Vietnam. Every one of the carefully shaped trees is related to a different story, such as a dragon, a mom and her child, the famous phoenix story, other animals, or one of the famous Temples in Hanoi.

Drive to the home stay and have a cup of green tea with a host family.

Continue on the bicycle to Xuan Thuy National Park for bird watching on a beautiful bike path with beautiful countryside journey and the lush, thick landscape of Nam Dinh. Guests will board a boat at the national park and see its contents up close, then check in Clams Hut for a scrumptious seafood lunch.

After lunch, guest will continue by bike back to the home stay and then on to Countryside Museum where each guest is invited to collect and keep many souvenirs which tell the ancient story of the daily life of Vietnamese farmers.

After the museum, guests can enjoy a delectable BBQ dinner with only the best local Seafood and then enjoy a well known music show only found in this Delta area with famous folk music, an intangible and important, lasting culture of the North Vietnam people.

Guest will enjoy an overnight in the home stay with local residents, who offer their own family history, stories and entertaining guests with the famous enthusiasm shared by local people.

Day 2: Morning fish market – Ninh Cuong church – Food tours

With a wake up at 5:00 a.m., guests will start the day with a one-hour cycling tour around the commune of Giao Xuan and take in the breathtaking beauty of the sunrise over the Red River Valley. On the way, guests will enjoy the sight of the local early market which sells fresh seafood just caught the evening before. Then, it’s a visit take to a local fish sauce factory. Guests will observe the very traditional process of cooking this world renowned, delicious sauce. The bike ride will continue to a local fisherman family to learn the art of pulling up the world famous square dipping-net. Guests will have the full experience of the true spirit of Vietnam culture. Then it is back to Ecosea Centre and breakfast before check out.

Guests will then drive to a salt field and learn the important process of taking salt from seawater. Then, transfer for a visit to the world famous Ninh Cuong Church. This ancient ground is the first place where Christian religion entered Vietnam. Then it’s a drive to a local family home where guests will meet a veteran and learn more about the Vietnam war first hand, enjoy his knowledge and history while having lunch with his family.

After lunch, guests will return to Hanoi. We know you had a wonderful time and we hope to see you again!

Thank you!




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