Wet rice cultivation tour

transparanting baby rice into the field

Tour Information

  • Tour location: Peaceful countryside village of Hanoi
  • Departure: 8:30 am
  • Tour Duration: 6 hours
  • Tour Runs: Minimum 2 persons. Maximum on request
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Overview of Wet rice cultivation tour

Rice has always been a large part of the diet in most Asian countries, and it’s no different in Vietnam. We are sure you have seen the amazing photographs of local residents growing their rice in common rice paddy areas. However, the history of rice cultivation in Vietnam dates back centuries and the actual process is still kept secret from western tourists.


We are happy to bring you, in person, to view the rice growing culture, scenery, and local residents’ life. Throughout this tour, each guest will learn the ancient history of rice cultivation in the very fields where it began, with the same techniques and knowledge used by ancestors. This gives our guests the true picture of the daily life of Vietnamese farmers, whose ancient ancestors passed down the honorable work and all its secrets.

So many of our guests have said our wet rice growing tour has made their trip a memorable experience and has created memories which last a lifetime. Guests love finishing off the day with a relaxing bicycle ride along the countryside roads, seeing the actual local village life first hand with an endless chance for one of kind photos. Our guests can be assured the quick ride is an amazing, unforgettable adventure!

Itinerary and Highlights

– Pick up and drop off of guests at their hotel.

– Bicycle to countryside alongside the rice fields

– Meet and talk with local farmer, enjoying a tea as you talk at their home

– Don traditional farming clothes like conical hat and boots and have the experience of a genuine rice field.

– Our tour guide will introduce and explain the ancient process of managing wet rice, how it grows, and the rich history behind it.

– Learn the ancient system of growing wet rice using a cow plow with the ancient agricultural water system.

– Learn the art of transplanting early wet rice sprouts into the fields

– Have fun cow herding throughout the village.

– Guests will head back local family’s home and have a community lunch with their choice of beer or nonalcoholic drink

– Guests returned to their hotel with our car service

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